Pre-Procedure advice

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Microblading  and micropigmentation procedures normally requires multiple treatments. For best results clients will be required to return for at least one touch up. This will take place six weeks after initial treatment.


• Please be prepared that color intensity will be significantly darker and sharper immediately after the treatment.

• Color intensity will reduce 30%-50% after the first treatment.

• Although a topical numbing cream is used during the treatment patients may experience slight sensitivity and discomfort may be felt.

• Delicate or sensitive skin may be red and or swollen after the treatment.

• Please wear normal makeup on the day of your treatment.

• Please don’t drink alcohol the night before the treatment.

• Any brow shaping / hair removal (waxing /threading /electrology) should be done five days prior to treatment.

• AHA’s and RetinA™ preparations should be stopped two weeks before treatment.

• Chemical and laser resurfacing should be performed six weeks prior to treatment.

• Fillers and Botox™ must be performed two weeks prior to treatment.



Appointment Info


On the day of your appointment please arrive twenty-minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time as you will be required to have all of your treatment consent and medical history forms filled out and signed.

• Before treatment begins all final payments are to be paid in full.

• We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and haven eaten a meal beforehand.

• Because of the detailed nature of the service we ask the you leave children at home. Any person accompanying you will be asked to wait in the waiting room. They will not be permitted to join you while the treatment is taking place.

• Please make sure that you have the appropriate amount of time allotted in your schedule to accommodate your appointment and any delays the might occur.

• Appointment length may vary. You can expect it to last approximately 1-2.5 hours.

• The treatment will not be rushed for any circumstances. 


Thank you in advance!