Temporary Precautions and Contraindications to micro-pigmentation included the following:


• Drugs and alcohol -- treatment will not be preformed on anyone that is under the influence of alcohol or mind altering drugs at the time of their scheduled appointment.

• Retin- A™ -- all topical applied RX Tretinoins and over-the-counter retinols must be stoped 2 weeks prior to treatment.

• Chemical or Laser Resurfacing procedures -- patients that have recently undergone one of these procedures must wait 8-10 weeks before undergoing micropigmentation.

• Alpha hydroxy use or other topical exfoliants -- must be stopped 2 weeks prior.

• Injectables or Botox™ -- patients should wait 2-3 weeks following the injection of a volume enhancing injectable or Botox/Dysport™. This will ensure that the injections has had time to properly heal and allow for proper pigment placement.

• Facial plastic surgery -- patients must be 6-8 months post op.

• Active Acne/skin infections -- once condition is controlled and has subsided then treatment may be conducted.

•Pregnancy/Breastfeeding -- once pregnancy and breastfeeding has stopped treatment may occur.

• Lasik or Cataract Surgery-- 1 month prior and 3 months post-op.

• Latisse™ -- Discontinue use fro  2 week prior

• Fat transfer in lips--12 weeps post-op

• Accutane™ -- 1 year post use



Precautions and Contraindications requiring prior medical authorization:


Patients that have a health history that included the following should schedule a consultation prior to booking their appointment.  This will ensure that their medical history can be properly reviewed and patients can obtain proper written medical consent from their treating physician.


• Mental health disorders and medications.

• Artificial heart valves

• Serious heart conditions

• Blood clotting disorders

• Anticoagulant prescription medication or Steroids users

• Diabetes

• Cancer within the last 6 months

• Epilepsy/Seizures

• Anaemia

•Organ transplants

•Joint replacements

•Shingles History

•Eye Diseases (i.e Glaucoma or Graves Disease)







 Patients with these current health issues should not under go treatment:

• Keloid Formation

• Communicable Disease or Illness.

• Anyone under the age of 18 years of age

• Active Dermatological Disorders: Psoriasi, Lichen Plans, Warts, Molluscum Contagiosum, Active Herpes Simplex/Zosters, Atopic Dermatitis, Chronic Pyoderma

• Blood Dyscrasia: Sickle cell Anemia, Platelet Disorders, Hemophilia, Anticoagulant drugs.

• Pregnant or Nursing

• Chemotherapy and Radiation

• Dermatographesis

•Active Herpes anywhere on the face