About Jennifer



Jennifer Verdini is a national certified aesthetician and a certified permanent make up artist.  She has practiced her craft at the best skin care and beauty centers in central Massachusetts and is currently based in the Frank Fechner Facial Plastic Surgery Center.  Dr. Fechner is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon specializing in face and neck enhancing procedure.  For the last eight years she has worked in his surgical center restoring photo/sun damaged skin to free patients from unsightly skin demarcations and textural irregularities.

Jennifer's expansive skill set includes expert eyebrow shaping and design, advanced restorative skin care techniques and a deep working knowledge of products and treatments available in todays facial rejuvenation industry.  She is masterful at advising and recommending products and procedures that will create the most meaningful aesthetic outcome for patients visiting the practice.

Over the last twenty-one years Jennifer most endeared service provided to clients and patients has been eye brow shaping.  Shaping eye brows and helping people restore their miss-shaped or over groomed eyebrows back to looking aesthetically correct and beautiful is a passion of hers. Before microblading/micropigmentaion Jennifer utilized a variety of traditional methods to help people achieve anatomical correctness. Microblading and permanent make up is a wonderful long lasting restorative treatment option to deliver beautiful natural eyebrows and to enhance ones personal apperance.