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Jennifer Verdini

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Microblading is a treatment that is part of the micro pigmentation, semi permanent/ permanent make up family. Other synonyms for micro pigmentation are Permanent Cosmetics, Permanent Make Up and Cosmetic Tattooing. Micropigmentation is the practice of implanting micro-insertions of pigment into the skin. These treatments are performed with either a machine or a hand-held tool.

Proper color selection and placement of these pigments, as well as the training of the technician, is what makes this service a unique combination of technical and artistic skill. Micropigmentation treatments are most commonly applied to enhance the eyes (eye liner and brow enhancement), lips (lip blush), recreation of the areolas, scalp enhancement and to camouflage scars. 



Microblading is a great solution for anyone with thin, over groomed or misshaped eyebrows. The Microblading method of Semi Permanent Make Up utilizes a hand-held tool comprised of 6 to 14 micro needles. The blade is used to insert pigment into the upper layer of the skin. Because the pigment is deposited into the epidermis, the color remains close to the skin surface leaving behind crisp strokes that replicate natural hair.

When a procedure is completed, the color will appear darker than the final result, which occurs in about 6 weeks. The darker color in the top layers of the epidermis will slough off during the healing process and reveal a softer and lighter color making the procedure appear much more realistic and much more natural.



are you a good candidate for

MicrobladiNG | micropigmentation | permenant make up


 these procedures Remediate the following


Permanently over groomed or misshaped eyebrows: anyone that has been the victim of improper brow shaping and has suffered permanent hair loss from over waxing, tweezing or threading.

• Cosmetic allergies: individuals that suffer from skin sensitivities and allergic reactions caused by cosmetics.

• Visual issues: individuals whose poor eyesight impairs their ability to see themselves in a mirror.

• Motor dysfunction: physically impaired individuals that struggle to apply their own make up.

• Busy and time pressed individuals: micropigmentation  creates convenience and efficiency reducing makeup application time.

• Physically activity: athletes, swimmers and anyone that has an active lifestyle.

• Hair loss: anyone that has experienced hair loss do to aging or medical conditions (illness such as Alopecia or medications such as chemotherapy).

• Anyone who wants a more enhanced and attractive appearance.



About Jennifer



Jennifer Verdini is a national certified aesthetician and a certified permanent make up artist.  She has practiced her craft at the best skin care and beauty centers in central Massachusetts and is currently based in the Frank Fechner Facial Plastic Surgery Center.  Dr. Fechner is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon specializing in face and neck enhancing procedure.  For the last eight years she has worked in his surgical center restoring photo/sun damaged skin to free patients from unsightly skin demarcations and textural irregularities.

Jennifer's expansive skill set includes expert eyebrow shaping and design, advanced restorative skin care techniques and a deep working knowledge of products and treatments available in todays facial rejuvenation industry.  She is masterful at advising and recommending products and procedures that will create the most meaningful aesthetic outcome for patients visiting the practice.

Over the last twenty-one years Jennifer most endeared service provided to clients and patients has been eye brow shaping.  Shaping eye brows and helping people restore their miss-shaped or over groomed eyebrows back to looking aesthetically correct and beautiful is a passion of hers. Before microblading/micropigmentaion Jennifer utilized a variety of traditional methods to help people achieve anatomical correctness. Microblading and permanent make up is a wonderful long lasting restorative treatment option to deliver beautiful natural eyebrows and to enhance ones personal apperance. 



• Certified Permanent Make up Artist
          Beau Institute of Permanent and Corrective Cosmetics

• Certified Microblading Artist~ Everlasting Brows

  • Fundamental Dermapigmentation Nouveau Contour USA

• Associated Member of the American Academy of Micropigmentation 

• Permitted Body Arts Practitioner
          City of Worcester Heath Department 

• NCEA Certified Aesthetician
           National Coalition of Estheticians and Associations

• Massachusetts Licensed Aesthetician type 6  

• Associated Skin Care Professional Member

• Society of Dermatology Skin Care Specialist Member 





After twenty four months for eyebrows and thirty six months for eyeliner  it's not viable to perform  a color boost and new treatment fees apply as it is considered a new treatment. Color Boost fees are for treatments that Jennifer has performed on existing clients. If you are looking to have work touched up from a previous treatment performed by another Micropigmentation Specialist, the touch up will be considered a new treatment and new treatment fees will be applied.

A fifty-percent deposit is required to book an appointment. It is required that you provide us with a 48 hour notice prior to canceling your appointment in order for your deposit to be refunded. Cancellations made with less than a 48 hour notice will not be refundable.

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration. Jennifer is looking forward to working with you and making your eyebrows look beautiful.

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Microblading and micropigmentation treatments are performed at the beautiful medical practice of Frank P Fechner MD Facial Plastic Surgery. The surgical center is an accredited all inclusive facial rejuvenation destination. Procedures include surgical enhancements for the face and neck and the most advanced noninvasive facial rejuvenation products, treatments and technologies.